vendredi, octobre 21, 2005


Here we are,
first episode.

Tonight was the first "Coming back" radio show.
First try and i must confess first failure, i completly fucked up the recording during the broadcast.
I tried a new mp3 recorder instead of my old MD and didn't managed to record the show properly.
So fellows, you will only be able to read the track listing of the show, if you want me to me re-play one of the track i will next week, i promise, and of course i will do my best to record it as you deserve.

Special show to make your moustache grow

Track listing

01 Paul Mauriat : You keep me hanging on
02 Laurie Anderson : O superman
Aperitivo drum machine

03 Para one : Clubhoppn
Orson welles : War of the world
Man on the moon narrated by Walter Cronkite
04 Mr Quark : There's nothing new under the sun
05 The books : All bad ends all
06 Pierre Vassiliu : J'ai trouvé un journal dans le hall de l'aéroport
(what is this ? Pierre Vassiliu, 70's french pop indeed)
07 Gal Costa : Baby
08 Marcos Valle : Malena
09 Katerine : Borderline
10 Wevie stonder : Eat your own ears (don't you think that's the band best name ever, nevertheless it makes me laugh)
11 The Monks : I hate you
12 Johan - Stacs of stamina : Damn (radio clit mix)
13 octet : Hey Bonus (transformer di roboter remix)

See you or listen to me next week

Sincerely yours

Monsieur Aperitivo

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kfigaro a dit…

Le "O superman" de L.Anderson et le "Baby" de la grande Gal Costa, fallait oser ;) !!