vendredi, mars 09, 2007


Hello dear listeners, here is "Let's all be quiet and play well", the new Aperitivo radio show.
Tonight we will enjoy a kind of silence, silence fot the souls, silence all around except the sound of Aperitivo and an hypnotism experiment.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download the show in MP3.

01 Silver Apples : Mustang Sally
("Enjoy the silence" said Giscard, was it really him ? Anyway, take your glass and cheers, listen peacefully, not fast to the sound of Aperitivo)
02 Franco Micalizzi : Hold-Up Istantanea di una rapina
(After the sound of Monsieur Aperitivo's voice, the silence is still Aperitivo's)
03 The feminine complex : Hide & seek
(If you are lost in your sporting pants, listen to Monsieur Aperitivo's voice, the perfect compagnion to your gymnastics session)
04 Dat Politics : Daddy long legs
(Aperitivo is the only sound silence tolerates)
05 Printed circuit : Boygenius
(Now that you are sweaty in your sporting pants, tired, you are ready for our radiophonic hypnosis experiment)
06 Quickspace : The precious mountain
(I understand that you trust me, and i trust you and around us there is millions of people, millions of particles)
07 Tom Ze : Uai Uai Revolta queto xamba 1832
(You will find a truth that you tend to forget, listen carefully to the sound of my voice)
08 Wevie Stonder : Cowboys
(Now that we are thogether, i'm focusing on you and you're focusing on me)
09 Sun ra : When there is no sun
(Both of us are a tunnel, you look at me, i look at you, we are just the two of us, i will be your guide)
10 Caetano Veloso : Dans mon île

Kiss caress and more until next time

2 commentaires:

leCurLing a dit…

bonjour monsieur aperitivo
bonjour voisin
superbe blog qui correspond a une émission sur radio brume ? tres bonne radio qui a toujours admirablement bien bougé et que malheureusement nous ne capton pas à electroland trop d'arbres empeche les ondes de nous parvenir
mais je vais écouter tes sélections
qui me semble pointu et éclectique encore bravo
@ bientôt
Ps je fais un topo sur ton blog au prochain épisode !

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

M'sieur LeCurling, effectivement Aperitivo est une émission diffusée sur Brume.
Eclectique surement, j'ai en tête cette phrase d'Eric Satie "Je préfère la musique que j'aime à celle que je n'aime pas", à partir de là tout est simple cher voisin.
A bientôt
Monsieur Aperitivo