samedi, septembre 15, 2007


Drawing is the work of Charles Addams

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show, one hour of intelectual and aesthetic delights in a world of merchandise.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 NWA : rude words out of straight outta compton edit
(No philistins, no rude words only sweetness and the spiritual guidance of Maharishi Aperitivo)
02 GF Reverberi : La malizie di venere seq.6
(Our enemy is everywhere, if you need the lights of our wisdom, you'll have to wait the entire hour )
03 Metronomy : Tips and treacks
(If you want to be smart and elegant, just follow the line until you arrive to the doors of the Aperitivo's house)
04 Best Fwends : Skate or live (goto80 remix)
(Damn interesting to listen to, full of learnings, this is our duty)
05 Charizma : green light red light
(They are young, real young a bit agitated, but appearances can be deceptives, they are amongst our best our best recruits in the youth club, kings of the christian rap)
06 Akufen : deck the house
(I believe that if Laura Ingalls was living in the XXIth century she would have listened to the Aperitivo new born special)
07 Lorez Alexandria :Baltimore
(Is this the harvest festival 's future ?)
08 Jimi Tenor : I wanna hook up with you
(Even the strongest of us have naughty ideas)
09 Junior Murvin : Police & thieves
(Carefull, in this special place they do have a special police)
10 The seeds : Fallin'
(We began like angels and ended up with such a strange feeling)
11 Terry Callier : Love theme from spartacus
( saves us all)
12 Piero Umiliani : sacco alla regina
13 Philippe Nicaud : séparation

Kiss caress and more untill next time

3 commentaires:

le yéti a dit…

Voici encore une bonne émission d'"Aperitivo", et ça tombe plutôt bien vu que l'on est, ce soir, une petite dizaine de compère à l'apéro, que demander de plus.

A bientôt

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

L'émission comporte 13 titres, je ne voies que deux solutions, soit vous êtes 13 et vous buvez chacun, à tour de rôle, un coup à chaque morceau, soit vous buvez tous un coup lors de chaque début de morceau, la deuxième option est plus conviviale n'est il pas ?

A bientôt

sexy a dit…

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