mardi, septembre 25, 2007


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

listen in real player
download in MP3

01 Tony Ronald : summertime
02 pussyassholeface/paul birken : skip to my lou
03 Delia derbyshire : the tomorrow people theme
04 Puss : Master & slave
05 Aphex twin : Milkman
06 Paper rad : Bounce2
07 Devil's anvil : Wala dai
08 Death from above 1979 : Blood on our hands (justice rmx)
09 Kevin Ayers : Lady Rachel
10 Francois Virot : Agua de mars
11 Soft pink truth : promo funk
12 Rare earth : where did our love go
13 Ronnie Von : Contudo, Todavia
14 United states of america : love song for the dead che

By the way a promise is a promise. Last week i wrote that was about to tell you what i've been listening to during summer.

Sso what's in that holiday bag.

A lot of oldies :
Two John Cale : Vintage Violence and Paris 1919
Two Bridget Saint John : Songs for the gentleman and Ask me no questions
Gene Clark : Echoes
Esther Philipps : Anthology
Soul Jazz VA : Philadephia roots
A great Andy Votel mix : Music to watch girls cry
Nick Drake : Made to love magic
Lee Hazlewood : Cowboy in Sweden
and more recent ones
Final Fantasy : He poos clouds
stupid title but great record
Simian : We are your friends
music to listen in the car with the children

Rufus Wainwright : Release the stars
because i deeply love the first five songs of this Lp, because 'Going to a town' is a true addictive song. More than the grandeur, more than the grand voice, like there is grand piano, one simple thing made me love this song, one really small thing, the way he sings 'i really need to know'. Because during this seconds he just seems to stop listening to himself.

and finally two other records released this year

The High Llamas : Can cladders

what can i say about this one, what should i say. Just clichés i'm afraid. First disappointing, the Lp slowly made its own way to my ears. This is surprisingly the Lp i listened the most during my holydays.


Louis Philippe : An unknown spring

i once said that there are a few artists out there, that you are totally faithfull, and that Louis Philippe is amongst them. I mean it fellows, each new record is like news from an old friend, one that never disappoints you. "No sun, no sky at all" the opening track begins with a piano-voice that totally captivate, passed the first second ,you found yourself in the record waiting for more. As a Brian Wilson lover Louis philippe is having a go on modular music. Let's hear the positively astounding "Lights were dancing in the ceiling", isn't it like Smile, a brick by brick, module by module song, always bouncing from a part to another within one song. He is not trying to be the smart guy, just a "batisseur". You could argue that everybody is doing it nowadays, let's say electronic musicians for example. 99% of electronic musicians are playing Duplo or Lego for the best of them. Sticking things together does'nt make a town, just lonely Algeco constructions on a port.
The majority of us would have been happy living in just one of this module but louis philippe built a lot of them for this lp, having now a castle of his own.
And do you know what ? You can go directly to his website to buy the LP, isn't life well built and sweet once you are in the world of Aperitivo ? DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR.

Kiss caress and more until next time

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leCurLing a dit…

en parlant d'ondes
j'ai le plaisirs d'entendre que celles de mr aperitivo traverse les océans pour donner le bonjour a nos amis canadiens.
très belle sélection j'attend avec impatience demain matin.
@ bientôt
PS j'aime beaucoup le stream avec real player qui permet d'écouter l'emission de brume de suite.

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

Et oui l'agent, je suis parti cet été avec mes devoirs de vacances que l'instit Cording m'avait refilé. En bon fayot c'est avec application que j'ai rempli les pages de mon cahier.
Il semble que la région Rhône Alpes soit particulièrement représentée ches nos cousins tabernacle.
A bientôt voisin

Qing-jao a dit…

Good post.

samh a dit…

Alter ego featured in a podcast. Discovered three years later. Wonderful. Amazing. Beautiful. Emotional. Exceptional. Gratitude owed.