dimanche, octobre 19, 2008


All pictures are the amazing work of Melvin Sokolsky, go and watch.

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

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01 Claude Channes : Mao Mao
(Everyting irritates you, this week you have just decided to retreat yourself from the usual crazyness)
02 The woodentops : Move me
(Did you really decide to give up ? Wise despite the others is your new motto)
03 Public enemy : Don't believe the hype
(Last week you tried the new hype, the next big thing without any results)
04 Discodeine : Homo compatible
(Today, disillusioned, you will listen to nobody but us)
04 Glass candy : Nite nurses
(First step, from the social to the community, the small aperitivo phalanstery)
05 Gameboys gamegirls : Sweaty wet dirty damp
(Not a real community, more than a training camp to the next step)
06 James white and the blacks : Contort yourself
(Now that you are ready just ask for the aperitivo's real estate agency services)
07 Ennio Morricone : Laringomania
(We will find your dreamy place to stay, something far, lonely)
08 Los samplers : Vamos con san pedro
(More than two days walking, you now reached this small place)
09 Bryan Maclean : Alone again or
(Too lonely ? Now try the Aperitivo escort services)

Kiss caress and more until next time.

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