lundi, octobre 06, 2008


Hello dear listener Point blank is the new Aperitivo radio show!

For those tired of their week with a yellow phobia.

As usual you can

01 Spectrum : Quiabo's
(You did take care of yellow chick the all week, yellow is your nightmare)
02 Pigbag : Papas's got a brand new bag
(You can't stand these little balls of yellow feather, Aperitivo is a brown welcome for you all)
03 Oorutaichi : Misen gymnastics
(Having choosen the chicken breeding as a job was not that good an idea)

04 Gal Costa : Tuareg
(Ready for changes, don't want to transform into animal flour, take your chance with the new Aperitivo course)
05 Pilooski : love is wet
(Now that you join, you will have to take of your clothes, wash yourself, give all your belongings to out higly skilled employees)
06 Micachu : Golden phone
(Now free from any other world belongings you feel ready)
07 The stranglers : Walk on by
(Your renonciation is a new beginning)
08 Mr Chop : The caveman
(After the shower you will sign the contract written by our batch of layers )
09 Doris : Don't
(Don't look back)
10 The King of Luxembourg : The wedding of ramona blair
(Feel free to embrace)
11 Doris : Daisies
(Don't listen to our jealous rivals)
12 Dana Gillespie : Can't you see i'm dreaming
(our rivals sayings are the best proof of our success, we are dead right)

Kiss caress and more until next time

P.S1 : Didn't wanted, at first, to play two songs of the same artist in the same show. I even tend to avoid playing the same artist twice in a all Aperitivo season, but i didn't manage not to play daisies.

P.S2 : If you like él records, i urge you to click on King of Luxembourg hyperlink above.

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