lundi, mai 17, 2010

The Aperitivo experience

Fritz Lang, Dr Mabuse der Spieler, 1922

Hello Dear listeners, The Aperitivo Experience is you latest Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 Zafer Dilek : Yekte
02 Ananda Shankar : Renunciation
03 Gonja Sufi : She gone
04 Abbas Mehrpouya : African jumbo
05 Quincy Jones : Snow creatures
06 The Gun Club : Sex beat
07 John Carpenter : Assault on precinct 13 (Main title)
08 Hercule : Little green man
09 Duo Inter : Beggin'
10 Elvis Presley : The edge of reality
11 The creation : How does it feel
12 Sun Ra & his Arkestra : Love in outer space

Did i already played all the Gonja Sufi "A Sufi and a killer" lp. No, not yet, but you surely noticed that i really love this LP. Just have a look at the following film on the dazed digital website.

Kiss caress and more until next time

2 commentaires:

Daeno a dit…

Hi, I don't speak French - pardon moi. I'm listening to your 5/14/2010 program right now. It's the first of your programs that I've ever heard. Freaky Deaky! - I love the music! Can you tell me what the recurring instrumental theme music is that is played under the spoken commentary? It sounds like it's from a soundtrack. Thank you.

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

Hi Daeno
It is an Ennio Morricone track called "Che C'Entriamo Noi?". It is taken from the Sergio Corbucci 1972 movie "Che c'Entriamo Noi Con La Rivoluzione?" (What am i doing in the middle of the revolution)

Have a good listening.