dimanche, mai 23, 2010

To have a good friend

Jason Schwartzman in "Bored to death"

Hello dear listeners, here is the lastest aperitivo radio show, a well documented method that will enable you to find the best friend you will ever need. Even if, once the process complete you'll end up with your teddy bear, or your last bottle of Côte Rôtie.

As usual you can

01 GP & GF Reverberi : La malizie di venere seq. 6
02 The Gaslamp Killer : Turk mex
03 Krzysztof Komeda : Pushing the car
04 Claudio Tallino : Journey to nowhere
05 Claude Arto : Kwai system
06 The sisters of transistors : The bells of Moscow
07 Soreng Santi : Iron Man
08 Faust : Picnic on a frozen river
09 Alberto Baldan Bembo : Kamasutra
10 The Smoke : Cowboys and indians
11 Shango : Sunshine superman
12 Donovan : Get thy bearings
13 Marc Caprani : I believe in miracles
14 Fred Neil : The dolphins

Kiss caress and more until next time.

1 commentaire:

joachim a dit…

"I'm going to find all your treasures". Mon dieu, quelle réplique... j'aimerais pas que mon proctologue ou mon dentiste me dise ça...